Keeping Your Pet Trim

October 13th is Pet Obesity Awareness Day! Quite a few of our furry patients are overweight or obese. While chubby animals may look cute, they are unfortunately at risk of developing some very serious health problems. Your pet’s diet plays a huge role in determining their overall weight, but it isn’t the only factor. Activity is also important. Here, a Pickerington, OH vet offers some advice on keeping your pet trim.


Some of our canine pals are furry, four-legged bundles of energy. Others fall solidly under the couch potato label. No matter which end of the spectrum Fido is on, you’ll want to keep him moving with daily walks and play sessions.


Kitties are very frisky and playful as kittens, but they slow down (way down) as they age. Toys and playtime will help keep Fluffy moving. Your furball will also appreciate some furniture to climb on and explore. (Note: Outdoor cats do get more activity than indoor ones, but at a cost: they’re exposed to many dangers. Keep your pet safe and sound indoors.)

Pocket Pets

Little animals can be chubby, too! In fact, they can gain weight very, very easily. Exercise wheels and mazes are great for tiny furballs. Some pocket pets also enjoy runabouts. Just put safety first. Use only solid exercise wheels, and supervise your tiny pal whenever they’re out of their habitat.


Birds need plenty of time out of their cages. This isn’t just important for keeping them active: it’s also crucial for their mental and emotional health. Polly needs lots of fun toys, too. Be sure to give her some she can climb on, like ladders. Of course, many of our feathered pals also like to boogie down. If your bird likes dancing, indulge her by playing her favorite tunes!


Reptiles and exotics all vary quite widely here. Some, such as lizards and ferrets, can be walked on leashes. Others will need toys and/or things to climb, play with, or explore. Do some research, and ask your vet for specific advice.


Horses are of course quite different from our other animal companions. Silver will need plenty of turnout time and, if applicable, a suitable schedule for riding and/or lunging. Ask your vet for recommendations.

Do you have questions about your pet’s activity needs? Contact us, your local Pickerington, OH animal clinic, today!

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