Brushing Your Dog’s Teeth

February is Pet Dental Health Month! This is a particularly important topic for dog owners. Our canine companions are prone to a variety of painful and dangerous dental problems. Of course, Fido can’t care for his own teeth, so it’s up to you to do it for him. Here, a Pickerington, OH vet offers some suggestions on brushing your furry friend’s choppers.

Start Slow

Don’t just try to brush Fido’s choppers out of nowhere. You’ll have to get him used to the process. At first, just try gently rubbing your pup’s teeth and gums. Then, slowly build on that.

Make It Fun

You’ll have a much easier time if you can get your canine companion to think of getting his teeth brushed as being pampered, rather than punishment. Sweeten the deal by offering yummy treats. Don’t forget to praise Fido, and tell him he’s being a good boy!


You don’t have to do all 42 of Fido’s teeth every day. Just do one quadrant at a time, and keep rotating. (This is also good because it helps keep these doggy dental care sessions short and sweet.)

Use Appropriate Products

Only use toothbrushes and toothpastes that were made specifically for Man’s Best Friend. Our toothbrushes aren’t angled the right way for Fido, and our toothpastes may contain ingredients that aren’t safe for him. You may have better luck with a flavored toothpaste.

Start Early

If it’s not too late, get Fido started on his doggy dental care routine while he is still a puppy. It’s much easier to teach a new dog old tricks than vice versa!

Watch For Trouble

When you brush your canine friend’s teeth, keep an eye out for signs that something isn’t right. Bad breath, tartar, swelling and/or sensitivity, bleeding gums, and cracked or broken teeth are a few red flags that would indicate Fido’s teeth need attention. Contact your vet right away if you notice any of these warning signs.

Don’t Force It

If your furry buddy just isn’t having it, don’t force the issue. Instead, ask your vet for advice on incorporating other dental products into your reluctant pet’s doggy routine. Oral rinses, dental flakes, and dental chews are a few options that can help keep those choppers clean.

Do you know or suspect that your dog has dental trouble? Contact us, your local Pickerington, OH animal clinic, today!

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