World Sparrow Day

March 20th has gone to the birds: it’s National Sparrow Day! These cute little birds definitely deserve some recognition. While we of course usually focus on pets, we’re happy to give sparrows their turn in the spotlight. A Pickerington, OH vet discusses sparrows below.


Sparrows are adorable, but that doesn’t mean they make good pets. In fact, most of the sparrows that are kept as pets are rescues. You can’t buy sparrows from stores or breeders, as most sparrows—with the exception of the house sparrow—are illegal to keep as pets. These birds are also very fragile, and many get absolutely terrified during transport. Plus, while some avian veterinarians will treat sparrows, you may need to go to a wildlife veterinarian. All in all, if you’re looking for a small pet bird, you’re likely better off going with a finch, Budgie, or canary. Admire these cute birds in the wild, and from afar!

Fun Facts

Sparrows were brought to America from England back in the 1850’s, and now can be found across the continent. They can thrive in a variety of climates, and have been found everywhere from Death Valley to the Rocky Mountains. In fact, there are now over 150 million house sparrows in North America. That’s a huge jump, considering that there were none here only 200 years ago!

Protecting Wild Sparrows

House sparrows aren’t in particular danger today: in fact, they are one of only three birds that are not currently under some sort of protective law or status, with the other two being the pigeon and the European Starling. However, other sparrows haven’t fared so well. For example, the Florida Grasshopper sparrow is North America’s most endangered bird. The Worthen’s Sparrow, Sierra Madre Sparrow, Oaxaca Sparrow, Saltmarsh Sparrow, and Cinnamon-tailed Sparrow are a few more species that are imperiled.

Helping Wild Birds

As mentioned above, adopting a sparrow isn’t the best way to help these cute little fluffballs. What you can do, however, is make your home hospitable for them. Set out birdhouses, birdbaths,and birdfeeders. These can be great projects for kids. You may also want to consider donating to a wildlife protection group, such as the Audubon Society. Another thing that is very important? Keeping your cat indoors. Kitties kill billions of small animals every year!

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