Spring With Fluffy

Spring is here! We may have a few days left before it’s official, but the weather is definitely warming up. Many of our feline buddies get quite frisky and playful at this time of year. This makes sense: after all, Fluffy did spend most of winter snuggled up in her bed! However, spring does present some hazards for kitties, which pet owners should be aware of. A Pickerington, OH vet discusses spring cat care below.


It’s always great to finally open your windows after a long, cold winter, and let some fresh air in. Those first few warm days also prompt a good spring cleaning for many people. Keep in mind that almost all of those household cleaning products are toxic to cats. Fluffy doesn’t have to eat or drink these substances: she can ingest them just by walking through a puddle or getting some spilled on her fur. Keep a close eye on your kitty when using chemicals and/or cleaning products.


As Fluffy changes into her summer outfit, you may find cat fur all over, well, everything. Vacuuming daily can help a lot here. If you have hair stuck to your carpets or upholstery, use a damp sponge, rubber gloves, or a squeegee to remove it. Brushing your feline friend regularly can also help. For one thing, you’ll be grabbing that hair with a brush before it lands on your sofa. Fluffy will also ingest less dead fur, which translates into less hairballs.

Wellness Care

If Fluffy is due for heartworm and/or flea protection, now is the time to get her caught up. While bugs may not be out in full force yet, they’re definitely coming! If your furry buddy hasn’t been spayed or neutered yet, we also recommend getting this done ASAP.


We always recommend keeping cats indoors. That said, different seasons present different hazards. In spring, many of the seasonal dangers come from gardening. Many people like to prep their beds at this time of year, and may be getting started on planting. Plus, many spring flowers, such as tulips and daffodils, are poisonous to Fluffy. Fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides, and herbicides are also toxic to your feline pal! Last but not least, wild animals will be out and about, and could hurt your pet.

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