Tips For Boarding Your Horse

Have you decided to take the plunge into horse ownership? This is a big decision! We can form amazing bonds with our equine friends. However, Silver does need a lot of work and care. One of the most important decisions you will make for your hooved pal is where to keep him. A Pickerington, OH vet discusses boarding your horse below.


Boarding stables vary widely in the amount of care they offer. Some are full-service, meaning they will feed, exercise, and groom Silver, and clean his stall. Others are completely self-care, meaning that you would be completely responsible for your horse’s care. There are also places that offer a mix of both options. Self-care is usually cheapest, but it also means you absolutely have to get there every day.


If your equine pal is still green, or you are training for events, you may want to consider a stable with training options. Schedule is something to consider as well. Some trainers may work with your horse on specific days, or a certain number of times per month. Keep in mind that some trainers prefer that you don’t ride your horse outside of training sessions, as this may hinder progress. This isn’t a bad thing: it’s just important to be on the same page.


Consider the amenities the stable offers. Are you allowed space in the tack room? Are your horse’s belongings secured? Is there a lounge or bathroom available? These things can make a big difference.


You’ll also want to find out if you have to bring your own feed and grain, or if it’s ordered for you. Keep in mind a stable that supplies hay may save you a lot of hassle.


Horses aren’t made to stand still all day. Silver will need turnout time to stay healthy. Look at the pasturage and space available. You may also want to find out if your horse will be turned out alone, or with buddies.


Find out how the stable would handle emergencies. Do they have a veterinarian on call, or are you responsible for contacting Silver’s doctor if he ever gets sick or injured? Ideally, they should require all of their ‘tenants’ to be kept current on vaccines and parasite control.

Please contact us, your Pickerington, OH animal clinic, for your horse’s care needs. We’re here to help!

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