Fluffy’s Sleeping Habits

Do you know that kitties spend as much as two thirds of their lives sleeping? Fluffy certainly does take her beauty rest seriously. It is pretty cute. It also makes caring for your feline pal pretty easy. Comfy beds are definitely one of the finer things in life, as far as kitties are concerned! But have you ever wondered just why cats are so tired? Does Fluffy actually need that much sleep? A Pickerington, OH vet offers some insight on this below.


Sleeping kittens are definitely among the cutest things on the planet. Sleep is very important for little Fluffy: her growth hormones are released during her naps. Letting your tiny pal snooze on your lap is a great way to bond with her!


Fluffy is pretty much always ready for a nap. However, she does get extra tired in certain situations. For instance, she’ll nap even more than usual when it’s cold or dreary out. If you work nights, your feline friend may also adjust her schedule so that she can accompany you to bed.


Older cats tend to be very tired. By the time Fluffy becomes an official retiree, she’ll be an expert snoozer, clocking up to 20 hours a day of naptime. (Unsurprisingly, senior kitties need lots of comfy beds and napping spots, as well as lap space.)


Most of the time, Fluffy isn’t completely zonked out. Dozing kitties are often half asleep, half awake. You may notice your furball flicking her ears or responding to stimuli. In the wild, this lets cats relax while still monitoring what’s going on around them.


To be fair, lethargy can be tough to spot in a pet that spends the vast majority of their time just lying around anyway. However, if Fluffy suddenly seems to have less energy than usual, or curls up in a quiet spot and doesn’t want to leave, she could be sick. Contact your vet.


Does your furry pal twitch in her sleep? In case you were wondering, yup, your little furball is dreaming. Just like people, kitties dream during their deepest sleep cycles, just like people do! (No one knows exactly what Fluffy is dreaming of, but some top contenders would be boxes, sunbeams, and, of course, catnip mice.)

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