Ways To Honor World Pet Memorial Day

Did you know that World Pet Memorial Day is June 8th? If you’ve recently had to say your last goodbye to a cherished furry friend, you have our sympathy. We know how hard that can be! World Memorial Day is a perfect time for people to recall and honor the pets that have passed on, but left their pawprints (or hoofprints) stamped over our hearts. Here, a Pickerington, OH vet lists some ways to honor a beloved furry friend on this special day.


Scrapbooks are a great way to remember your cherished buddy. You can include photos, adoption records, collars, leashes, and even toys. This is also a great place for gathering written memories about your animal companion. If you have kids, it may also help for them to include stories, poems, or art about their four-legged friend.


Speaking of plants, if you have a garden, then you already have a perfect spot for a memorial. You can get customized memorial garden stones, but you can also make something yourself. Look online for great DIY ideas.


Paint-your-own-pottery places are another great option for this. You may find something large enough to store a few keepsakes in!

Plant A Tree

Trees always make wonderful memorials. If you don’t have the room to do this on your property? Look for charities that plant trees. Of course, it doesn’t have to be a tree: shrubs and plants also work!

Make A Donation

It can be absolutely devastating to have to say goodbye to a furry friend. We know that our animal companions can leave huge holes in our hearts. However, keep in mind that there are still many other homeless animals that just want someone to love them and care for them. It may be a while before you are ready to adopt. In the meantime, you may find that making donations in your pet’s name can be very healing.

Photo Album

Digital photo frames can be a great way to honor the memory of a beloved animal companion. You can upload your favorite photos, and the frame will cycle through them. You can also experiment with editing effects before uploading. That candid shot of Fido with his favorite toy may look great in sepia!

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