Are you feeling uneasy about your pet’s upcoming surgery?

Whether it’s a routine spay or neuter or a more advanced procedure, the team at Winchester Veterinary Clinic always operates with the utmost care. In fact, when it comes to surgery, the safety and comfort of our patients is our highest priority. Our doctors are experienced in performing a wide variety of pet surgeries, from simple to complex, using the most up to date techniques and adhering to the strictest standards of care.

Before Your Pet’s Surgery…

Prior to any surgical procedure, we make every effort to prepare ahead of time. That’s why we place such a strong emphasis on pre-surgical testing. By evaluating your pet in advance of his or her procedure, we can identify certain unique risks so that we can plan accordingly for them. This helps to reduce the chances of complications, which means an added level of safety for your loved one.

It’s also important to us that we take the appropriate measures to keep your pet comfortable and pain-free at all times while in our care. We use only the safest, most effective anesthetic products and we tailor our pain management approach to each patient. This will ensure that your companion will receive the right dosage of medication to be safely sedated while also minimizing risk as much as possible.

The Day of Surgery

The morning of your pet’s scheduled procedure, you will both be welcomed by our caring staff. Someone will assist you with completing paperwork while another team member will get your pet settled in and comfortable. This is a great time to ask any last minute questions that may be weighing on your mind. We want you to feel confident that your best friend will be in excellent hands with us!

Just prior to surgery, we will prepare your pet by administering the pain medication. Rest assured that he or she will be gently eased into sedation to the soothing sounds of our loving care team. As soon as your companion is ready, the vet will begin surgery. Support staff will remain present at all times to assist with the procedure and to carefully monitor your pet’s vital signs and pain control.

Laser Surgery

Winchester Veterinary Clinic is pleased to offer laser surgery as an alternative to traditional procedures. Surgery performed with a laser offers many benefits to the patient, including less bleeding, less pain, and a more comfortable recovery. Laser surgery is available for most of the procedures we offer. Ask today if this option would be a good fit for your pet’s needs.

After Surgery

When surgery is over, we will continue to keep a close eye on your pet as he or she awakes from the anesthesia. Our hospital recovery area provides a quiet, safe environment for your companion to rest and begin the recovery process. You will be notified right away about how the surgery went and when you can come pick up your pet. When you arrive, we will explain our instructions on how to help your pet get back on his or her feet as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Surgery doesn’t have to be a frightening experience. Give us a call today to discuss how we can help.