Ever hear the expression, “Prevention is the best medicine”?

At Winchester Veterinary Clinic, we firmly believe this – especially when it comes to our animal friends. Because pets age more quickly than people, their health care needs are constantly evolving. Wellness care allows us to stay on top of these changing needs and address them accordingly. This will set your pet up with the best chance at enjoying a long, happy life. That’s why we place such a strong emphasis on annual checkups.

Why does my pet need to be examined if he/she seems perfectly healthy?

Many pet parents make the mistake of thinking that vet appointments are only necessary when their companion is sick or injured. To the contrary, vet visits should be used as a tool for keeping your pet healthy. When we can prevent illness and detect disease it in its earliest stages, we can add years to your loved one’s life and vastly improve the quality of that extra time you get to share together.

What does wellness care involve?

The wellness services at Winchester Veterinary Clinic are designed to support your pet through every life stage, from birth into adulthood and through precious senior years. It starts with a thorough physical exam at least once a year. During this exam, the doctor will check your pet’s entire body – from nose to tail – to make sure everything is functioning just as it should be. Routine diagnostic testing may also be recommended to further evaluate your companion’s current health status.

We use wellness visits as an opportunity to take a proactive approach to your pet’s care. Things like vaccinations, parasite control, nutrition and weight management are all preventative measures that we can take to help keep your pet happy, healthy and strong. We will also look for any signs of potential medical concerns so that we can address them right away, when they are easier and less expensive to treat.

A chance to get to know each other…

Another benefit to routine wellness care is the opportunity for building relationships with one another. At Winchester Veterinary Clinic, we believe that getting to know our clients and establishing a bond with our patients provides a solid foundation for a lifetime of care. The more often we see you and interact with your pet, the more precise and effective level of care we can deliver.  

Let’s work together to get your loved one on the path to optimum health. Schedule your pet’s next wellness visit today!