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Kitty Keefer-KapleKitty Keefer-Kaple

Great service! Very personable, professional and knowledgeable staff! Marty has very high anxiety but did well with the wonderful Vet and her staff! ❤

Laura WingertLaura Wingert

always have a good experience here. I don't understand the negative reviews. I've gone here for 10 years and they are always wonderful.

Emily WarthmanEmily Warthman

My family has been taking our pets to this office for over 10 years. We have been there at our happiest with new pets and at our saddest when we've had to say goodbye. They have compassionately, competently, and consistently answered countless questions and helped us understand all options for all situations we've encountered. The exceptional care our pets have received enabled us to have extra quality years when medical complications arose, for which we will always be grateful. Throughout the pandemic, they have maintained excellent communication and services, despite the circumstances. I could go on and on with examples of positive experiences. I recommend this office without reservation and am so thankful to be able to take our pets there.

Tobin CookTobin Cook

This fantastic place has cared for and boarded our best-cat-ever, Lynx, for over 16 years. And seven years ago we adopted one of their rescue cats to be Lynx's pal and help keep him young. Second best-cat-ever. Never thought we would have one indoor spoiled cat, much less two. But time marches on, and Lynx had ailments, so last weekend we brought him here for the last time. An amazing staff, led by the most amazing, sincere and skilled Dr. (Vet) ever. Dr. Grinstead made sure we understood all options, the process, how we could stay or not and even the end game after his feel good and go to sleep shots. Wow, she made a tough time for us as positive as it could be, especially for our son, who has grown up with a cat that followed him around like a dog and laid next to him at every opportunity for as long as he could remember. He was, after all, a year older than Ryan, so has always been Ryan's constant companion.
So a huge thank you to Dr. Grinstead and the staff. The process and approach and sincere caring was special and so very much appreciated. And today, we get a sympathy card with a hand written note. If more businesses treated people like this - or even just more people treated others like this- the world would be a better place. Thanks again Doc - and to the whole staff.

Jason LeonardJason Leonard

great people there they great care of my our precious family member. thank you so much.

Bethany PolancoBethany Polanco

The service was speedy, affordable, and all the staff were friendly! Thank you guys so much for getting my boys in on such short notice for some car anxiety meds for our trip to Boston! We will be back for sure!

JoAnna Gohring-WilliamsJoAnna Gohring-Williams

Very friendly polite staff and gentle with my pet

Debra Burnette-MurrayDebra Burnette-Murray

I was pleased to know they care for small pets (like pet rabbits) as well as dogs & cats. I’m pleased with the care & consideration my “Smudge” has always received. I have no complaints, and highly recommend

Laura Thornton KeevanLaura Thornton Keevan

The entire staff was wonderful and helpful! The prices are very reasonable and they have CANNED CHEESE! Lyle approves!

Kelly Adams MartinKelly Adams Martin

Staff very personable & helpful. Took time with my macaw handling her & talking to her making her comfortable before starting exam. took extra time answering our questions. Great experience

Kathi EllisKathi Ellis

Dr. Grinstead and her staff are absolutely awesome!!! It makes me happy knowing my fur babies have the best veterinarian in Central Ohio!! Thanks Winchester Vet Clinic!! ❤❤❤🐱🐹❤❤❤

Hannah AshcraftHannah Ashcraft

As a new pup parent, you are always extra cautious and concerned. Well, while trimming our pup’s nails, he moved and caused me to clip too much making him bleed. Of course, panic sets in and you don’t know what to do. Blood everywhere and fear in my mind, I called Winchester Veterinary Clinic and they calmed me down and talked me through a home remedy. They let me know if that didn’t work to call right back in. Well, the odds were against me and it didn’t work. I called right back and they were quick to say come right in and we’ll take care of him. We went right over with his poor little bleeding paw wrapped in a paper towel. Once I entered, they quickly grabbed him and took him back. A few minutes later, my happy pup came out with no more blood gushing out. They were able to pack his nail with some cauterizing powder to stop the bleeding. They were even kind enough to send extra home with me just in case. To top it off, they went ahead and trimmed the rest of his nails so I didn’t have to be traumatized again. Needless to say, big or small, scary or not, trust this Vet. They made me feel so much better and took care of my baby with such swift ease.

Devin A.Devin A.

As a new pup parent, you always try to be extra cautious and concerned. While trimming our pup's nails, he moved suddenly and caused my wife to clip too...

Lynn MeekLynn Meek

Dr Lynn is the best even in bad times. Been seeing her for 16 years. All of my dogs have loved going to the vet. Keep up the great job you do. Thanks for being so kind and caring

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