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Cheryl K. Gates-BellerCheryl K. Gates-Beller

Since I had my first pet starting in 1990 this is the only place that I have or will ever take an animal the loving caring knowledgeable clinical expertise is such a comfort when our four-legged furry babies need their help

Devin A.Devin A.

As a new pup parent, you always try to be extra cautious and concerned. While trimming our pup's nails, he moved suddenly and caused my wife to clip too...

Tobin CookTobin Cook

This fantastic place has cared for and boarded our best-cat-ever, Lynx, for over 16 years. And seven years ago we adopted one of their rescue cats to be Lynx's pal and help keep him young. Second best-cat-ever. Never thought we would have one indoor spoiled cat, much less two. But time marches on, and Lynx had ailments, so last weekend we brought him here for the last time. An amazing staff, led by the most amazing, sincere and skilled Dr. (Vet) ever. Dr. Grinstead made sure we understood all options, the process, how we could stay or not and even the end game after his feel good and go to sleep shots. Wow, she made a tough time for us as positive as it could be, especially for our son, who has grown up with a cat that followed him around like a dog and laid next to him at every opportunity for as long as he could remember. He was, after all, a year older than Ryan, so has always been Ryan's constant companion.
So a huge thank you to Dr. Grinstead and the staff. The process and approach and sincere caring was special and so very much appreciated. And today, we get a sympathy card with a hand written note. If more businesses treated people like this - or even just more people treated others like this- the world would be a better place. Thanks again Doc - and to the whole staff.

Kathi EllisKathi Ellis

Dr. Grinstead and her staff are absolutely awesome!!! It makes me happy knowing my fur babies have the best veterinarian in Central Ohio!! Thanks Winchester Vet Clinic!! ❤❤❤🐱🐹❤❤❤

Michelle Abajace StumpMichelle Abajace Stump

Great staff! Very knowledgeable. I know they are in good hands at Winchester Vet! And the prices are super reasonable

Victoria LynneVictoria Lynne

Nice cleanly facility. Caring staff. This is our New Vet and we live in Canal Winchester.

Jenny Smith GarciaJenny Smith Garcia

I just want to thank the staff for responding quickly, fitting me in and helping me lay my old friend, Picabo, 15 1/2yrs old,to rest last Tuesday. They really showed care and compassion, stayed with me every step of the way. They didn't rush me , but instead helped to make a hard time bearable. These people get into this business because they care about animals and they were really a blessing to me on this very hard day!!!!

Laura WingertLaura Wingert

always have a good experience here. I don't understand the negative reviews. I've gone here for 10 years and they are always wonderful.

Liz CampbellLiz Campbell

Our Teacup Yorkie had to have dental surgery yesterday and my husband and I both had put it off longer than we should have because we were so concerned about him undergoing the anesthesia, but the staff was so wonderful at explaining the procedure and the monitoring of it. Anyway, I wish we had done it months ago. He is doing fine today even after 12 extractions. They are wonderful doctors and so very caring.

Renee WhaleyRenee Whaley

Absolutely love Dr Lynn, Gina, and Shannon! They always treat us like family! 🐾

Dawn MartinezDawn Martinez

The people here couldn't have been nicer!! I was treated with the most respect when it comes to the cost of shots. I was given printed estimates for care over the next 6 months so I know what to expect and be prepare accordingly. I will definitely be back!

Kristen Stepp SnyderKristen Stepp Snyder

Great people!!!! They fit our sick cat in and treated us great!!! Didn't over charge us! Wylie jo (cat) appreciate them being so gentle with him.

Laura Thornton KeevanLaura Thornton Keevan

The entire staff was wonderful and helpful! The prices are very reasonable and they have CANNED CHEESE! Lyle approves!

Kitty Keefer-KapleKitty Keefer-Kaple

Great service! Very personable, professional and knowledgeable staff! Marty has very high anxiety but did well with the wonderful Vet and her staff! ❤

Susie Ulrich MasonSusie Ulrich Mason

Our 13 year old feline family member, Bogey, crossed Rainbow Bridge yesterday. A very special Thank You to Dr. Grinstead for her love and compassion for Bogey. She helped a very terrible thing a bit more manageable for our family. They have been our vet for over 30 years and will continue to be. Great staff!

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